Infrastructure: Delivered!


A new piece of infrastructure delivered perfectly—fully approved, compliant, delivered on time and on budget, with all parties including the end-user client, third-party logistics provider, and contractors satisfied and ready to go live.

How did Stoke Consulting achieve this seamless execution?

The Scenario:

The journey begins with a flurry of questions and concerns:

“Do I really need a Development Application (DA) for just a small adjustment?”

“What exactly does a Private Certifier do, and why do I need one?”

“The builder’s foreman is on top of things, but my client is pressing hard. Who’s really managing the builder?”

“Despite reassurances from the developer, I can’t see the progress they claim.”

“Why is a road grader moving dirt inside my new warehouse?”

“Local Council involvement? Surely not!”

The Challenge:

The requirement is to design and construct a new facility or refurbish an existing structure to ensure operational compliance. Alternatively, the challenge might involve acquiring an existing facility and ensuring it could function compliantly under new ownership. Common hurdles often include navigating complex regulatory approvals and managing diverse stakeholder expectations.

Stoke Consulting’s Differentiated Approach:

Stoke Consulting isn’t just another builder or developer. In fact, we are neither. We specialize in project manging and guiding organisations through the complexities of facility construction and upgrades. We act as the link between developer, builder, third party provider and the end user client.

Here’s how we do it:

The Jargon:

We demystify the jargon and regulations surrounding infrastructure projects, such as DAs, CDCs (“Complying Development Certificate”), and OCs (“Occupational Certificate”). Our consultants provide transparent, tailored advice that pivots as project needs evolve.

Complex Problem Navigation:

Navigating the myriad of approvals needed – environmental, zoning, water, drainage, traffic, and safety – requires sophisticated coordination, which Stoke Consulting masters by managing all parties involved, from end users to local councils.

Candid and Pragmatic Advisory:

Stoke Consulting’s direct and honest communication ensures that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. We anticipate challenges and offer proactive solutions, maintaining focus on project outcomes rather than getting bogged down by unforeseen issues.

Client Empowerment and Comprehensive Support:

Our approach empowers clients by keeping them informed and involved. From real estate zoning to dealing with various layers of government, we equip our clients with the knowledge and strategies needed for successful navigation through complex regulatory landscapes.

Budget and Coordination Mastery:

Managing budgets, addressing inevitable variations, and handling potential cost overruns are all in a day’s work. Stoke Consulting ensures that financial controls are tight, communication is clear, and project goals are met without compromising on quality or compliance.

Successful Outcomes:

The end result? A facility that not only meets but exceeds expectations – on time, within budget, fully compliant, and ready for operations. This success story underscores Stoke Consulting’s capability to turn potential overwhelming situations into manageable, successful project outcomes.


With Stoke Consulting, the daunting becomes doable. Our unique blend of expertise, candid advice, and client-centric strategies ensures that even the most complex infrastructure projects are executed flawlessly, proving that the right guidance is key to unlocking true project value.


Rod Wallace
Stoke Consulting

Previous line management roles (Supply Chain, Customer Service, Logistics, Sales Management) in SME businesses through to large companies have underpinned Rod’s success with a variety of clients. Key solutions in previous engagements have included Project Management, Business Improvement programs, Facility Development and Relocations and Company Governance.