Business Assessment

Being able to see the forest through the trees when assessing opportunities or diagnosing problems is tricky while balancing ‘business as usual’. Our natural biases can mask our view of what’s really happening. Engaging expert consultants can help assess opportunities and situations objectively.

Business Assessment

Business Assessment can help you uncover what’s going on under the hood of your organisation as a whole, or within a specific department or function. Diving into the details provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions that can ultimately drive growth and increase your bottom line.

With fresh eyes, objectivity and a pragmatic approach, Stoke can help you to make informed decisions about strategic investments and maximise the return through a smooth and productive implementation. Together we can unlock your organisation’s hidden potential.


  • Maximise enterprise value of organisation
  • Pragmatic due diligence collection
  • Identify drivers of business value and dilution
  • Independent interface for acquisition negotiations
  • Achievement of business goals
  • Strategic plan development & implementation
  • Build trust with stakeholders