Who we are

At Stoke Consulting, we partner with vibrant, ambitious organisations like yours to help you achieve your full potential. Our difference is that when you work with us, we’re with you the whole way. We seek to gain a deep understanding of your unique business challenges, goals, and aspirations, and apply our decades of practical experience – sleeves rolled up and ready to get to work.

We’ve truly walked in your shoes.

Ken Davis

Ken’s senior line and consulting exposure has spanned many decades in metals and automotive manufacturing and distribution, oil & gas and IT services in national and international roles. Ken has delivered direct accountability for effective change strategies, program execution and continuous improvement and innovation in Australia and internationally.

Phil Nagle

Philip moved into General Management via domestic and international project and operations management. Heavy manufacturing, construction, distribution and wholesale, SME, energy, rail and healthcare are all areas where Philip has consulted to design & implement projects, improve business processes and develop people.

Kevin Wallace

Kevin guides business leaders through their toughest challenges to achieve their goals.  With a deep understanding of organisational issues and a broad business knowledge base, Kevin is a valuable external asset to any team. His talent for deep listening helps him uncover root causes and develop tailored solutions. Kevin thrives on complexity and brings proven concepts, applied experience, and personalisation to every project.

Chris Read

Leveraging his extensive leadership and entrepreneurial background, Chris consistently leads high-performing teams of leaders to outstanding business achievements. He excels in unravelling the intricacies of challenging business scenarios, crafting strategic plans and fostering deep trust including during executive coaching. This comprehensive and high integrity approach significantly elevates business performance for his clients, helping them to exceed expectations.

Rod Wallace

Previous line management roles (Supply Chain, Customer Service, Logistics, Sales Management) in SME businesses through to large companies have underpinned Rod’s success with a variety of clients. Key solutions in previous engagements have included Project Management, Business Improvement programs, Facility Development and Relocations and Company Governance.

James White

James’s background in property development across both government and private sectors underscores his project management experience in identifying opportunities for financial gain and risk mitigation. Proficient in strategic planning, feasibility, deal structuring and brokerage, stakeholder management and creating value, he owns outcomes to successfully deliver results.

Neil Gatenby

Neil's extensive knowledge and experience with emerging technologies enables him to deliver innovative solutions that solve real-world problems and create transformational, new opportunities. With experience across a wide range of industries, Neil successfully leverages his insights and strong ability to contextualise to deliver real changes to his clients.

Osman Bahemia

Osman works with businesses to develop and implement strategies for growth and effectiveness. Osman has worked in a variety of industrial sectors including aviation, mining, asset management, transport and marketing. His skills in operational effectiveness, strategy development, leadership development and change management propel significant growth and efficiency improvements in medium to large organisations.

James Bierer

James, an accomplished international leader and strategist, excels in aligning global business operations with revenue targets. Proficient in supply chain, business systems, procurement, and manufacturing across diverse industries, he employs a data and process-driven approach. Collaborating with executives, James has transformed operational challenges into lucrative outcomes for companies across 13 countries and 4 continents, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 corporations.

You’re likely here because you’re looking to solve a problem.

And with budgets to adhere to, timelines that seem to forever be getting tighter, and constantly shifting market conditions, investing in solutions that don’t deliver an above-and-beyond result simply isn’t an option.

That’s why we’re here to help you.

Working collaboratively with you we’ll identify and implement the most effective solutions, leveraging our expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, project management, and digital transformation.

Ours is a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to our work, always keeping your bottom line in mind. Our team of seasoned consultants bring a wealth of experience and insights to every engagement, providing you with the strategic guidance, practical tools, and customised solutions you need to succeed.

Our Values

We’re really clear on our values, and embed them in everything we do.
We are honest, transparent, and behave ethically. We conduct ourselves with integrity, and respect.
We’re for substance over style. We seek to cut through the fluff. Finding the root causes of problems, identifying gaps and not over-engineering solutions for the sake of air time or ego. We’d rather drive outcomes than egos.
We’re responsive to our clients’ specific needs. We’re supportive of clients and each other. We seek to build customised solutions, and build capability. We value long term relationships based on trust and respect.
We’re committed to cultivating a more diverse and sustainable approach to the way we do business, and encourage our clients to do the same. We continually hone our craft, always seeking to learn and develop.

Our Vision

We’re striving to create a world where no valuable ambition goes unrealised. Our purpose is to stoke the fire of growth with vibrant, ambitious organisations.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations, develop your leaders, or transform your business for the digital age, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

At Stoke Consulting, we’re committed to being your trusted partner, providing you with the support, advice, and guidance you need to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success.