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Acquisition Due Diligence

Stoke Consulting - Acquisition Due Diligence | Management Consultants

We were engaged by an industrial products manufacturer to ensure that the target business was as per the prospectus. Our scope of work included managing data collection for due diligence, identifying and assessing project risks, facilitating project governance, building relationships with key stakeholders for both the buyer and the seller, and project managing the due diligence for a successful business acquisition.


We faced several challenges during the acquisition project. The key stakeholders in the buyer being preoccupied with their day-to-day work and other project. A key seller stakeholder was also dealing with a terminal illness. Lastly, the business case for the seller left little room for negotiation. Despite these obstacles, we were determined to succeed.


Facilitated regular governance meetings with key stakeholdersCreated and completed a detailed due diligence checklistBuild and manage a detailed project plan covering all functional areas including Finance, Legal, Property, Sales, IP, Human Resources, Management, Reporting and OperationsPragmatically negotiated with both buyer and seller, keeping focus on the “bigger picture"Managed acquisition contracts between lawyers


We successfully completed the business acquisition within the agreed timeframe, resulting in a genuine win-win outcome for both the buyer and the seller. Despite the challenges of busy key stakeholders, a terminally ill seller stakeholder, and limited room for negotiation, we were able to mitigate all acquisition risks and achieve a significantly higher financial return six months post-acquisition than initially planned. Additionally, there was no loss of clients, which further added to the success of the acquisition.