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Generational Shift: Guiding a New CEO to Unprecedented Success

Stoke Consulting - Executive Coaching Consultant | Strategic Business Planning

For a leading grower and wholesaler of retail agricultural products, we were engaged to coach the newly appointed CEO through generational change and help steer the business through a dynamic period of market fluctuations.


With an ageing founder (the CEO’s father) and no succession plans in place, the new CEO required guidance to shift confidently into his new more senior role. Having spent most of his career as a long-term, mid-level employee with no formal qualifications, there were several risks at play in stepping up to lead.


Additionally, the business was facing some core challenges. Low employee engagement and high turnover combined with significant customer quality failures resulted in major customers under serious threat.


Created and implemented One Page Business Plan Business Strategy and PlanningFacilitated monthly governance meetings with senior teamFortnightly one-on-one meetings with the CEO to address business urgent issues and help to minimise non-constructive leadership behavioursPrioritised business risks and opportunitiesBusiness cases developed for highest priority business casesSecured government funding by writing and submitting government grant


With everything in place, the business experienced significant growth of 40% in two years, and retaining its two largest customers (representing 45% of its business). Quality failures were measured, root causes identified and preventive actions were implemented, resulting in 42% reduction of quality incidents. Three large business cases were approved and implemented setting the business up for future success. All senior members of the team were retained. Employee performance contracts and incentive scheme was developed for the whole business and successfully rolled out to retain talent into the future.


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Chris Read
Stoke Consulting


Leveraging his extensive leadership and entrepreneurial background, Chris consistently leads high-performing teams of leaders to outstanding business achievements. He excels in unravelling the intricacies of challenging business scenarios, crafting strategic plans and business cases while fostering deep trust including during executive coaching. This comprehensive and high integrity approach significantly elevates business performance for his clients, helping them to exceed expectations. Chris’ experience includes successfully leading multiple $1B+pa businesses with full P&L responsibility across nine countries and 800 reports to starting, building and selling his own e-commerce business, all the while building high performing teams of leaders.