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Revolutionising Transport in the Resources Sector

Strategic business planning with project and change management

Greyhound Australia, a leading coach transport company, was facing increasing pressure from low-cost airlines and needed to grow the business in new markets.


The goal was to gain long term contracts that provided reliable revenue, therefore Greyhound Commercial was created to address this need. The brand expanded its services into the resources sector. Greyhound Commercial was a greenfield venture requiring strategic development and market penetration. There were three key areas to address in order for success.

1. Market Demand for Safe and Reliable Transport: The resources sector demanded high standards of safety and reliability in workforce transportation.

2. Competitive Landscape: The division needed to establish itself as a benchmark in a competitive industry.

3. Revenue Growth: Transitioning from a $3 million to a $21 million revenue division within a constrained timeframe.


Business Development Strategy: Developed a targeted approach to BD with an emphasis on areas that competitors didn’t. (such as safety)Safety and Reliability Focus: Emphasised enhanced safety and reliability in transport services to set industry standards. Reliability of services was one of the leading risks for any mine site’s operations.Strategic Contracts: Targeted and secured significant contracts with major players in the resources sector. Expansion into New Regions: Developed greenfield operations in strategic locations like the Bowen Basin, establishing bases in Mackay, Emerald and Onslow.


The Greyhound Commercial division under Greyhound Australia, demonstrated remarkable growth and industry leadership in the resources sector. By prioritising safety, reliability, and strategic business development, the division not only expanded its revenue significantly but also set new industry standards.

This case study exemplifies how focused leadership and strategic execution can lead to transformative growth and industry leadership, even in highly specialised and competitive sectors. The success story of Greyhound Commercial serves as a model for how to successfully launch and grow a new business division in a challenging market environment.

  • Industry Transformation: Pioneered new standards in safety, reliability, and value in the bus industry for the mining and resources sectors.
  • Divisional Growth: Expanded Greyhound Commercial from a $3 million to a $21 million revenue division within four years, with a future pipeline exceeding $60 million.
  • Benchmark Establishment: Positioned Greyhound Commercial as the industry benchmark for safe and reliable long-term contracted bus transportation within 18 months.
  • Recognition and Awards: Received BHP Billiton’s Vendor of the Year in the first year of a five-year contract at the Olympic Dam mine.


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Osman Bahemia
Stoke Consulting

Osman works with businesses to develop and implement strategies for growth and effectiveness. Osman has worked in a variety of industrial sectors including aviation, mining, asset management, transport and marketing. His skills in operational effectiveness, strategy development, leadership development and change management propel significant growth and efficiency improvements in medium to large organisations.