Congratulations on securing the job you’ve been working towards!

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Now that you’ve secured the position, it’s time to make the most of your opportunity.

Developing a simple “90-day plan” with SMART actions will help you to be successful. Following is a high-level breakdown of a potential plan to get you started:


First 30 Days:

  1. Celebrate and Review the Offer:
  • Take the time to carefully review your job offer, including employment terms, salary, benefits, incentive scheme, and any other relevant information.
  • Celebrate your success and the exciting new opportunity ahead.
  1. Prepare for Your First Day:
  • Plan your commute and make sure to arrive on time for your first day.
  • Dress appropriately and gather any necessary documents or paperwork required by the employer.
  1. Learn About the Company and its Competitors:
  • Familiarise yourself with the company’s website, mission, values, products, and services.
  • Take the time to understand how the company differentiates itself from its competitors.
  1. Set Goals:
  • Define short-term and long-term goals for your new position.
  • Make sure these goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).
  1. Meet Key Stakeholders:
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, including your manager, team members, and colleagues from different departments.
  • Understand their roles and expectations to foster effective collaboration.
  1. Set Expectations and KPIs:
  • Proactively clarify your role’s expectations, objectives, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your manager.
  • Provide recommendations if expectations are unclear to ensure a clear picture of success.
  1. Build Relationships:
  • Establish strong rapport with your team and colleagues to create a positive work environment.
  • Foster a collaborative and supportive culture.
  1. Identify Challenges and Opportunities:
  • Assess potential challenges and opportunities within your role and the company.
  • Keep a list of identified risks and brainstorm ideas for mitigation.



Next 30 Days:

  1. Contribute to Projects:
  • Actively participate in ongoing projects and initiatives, offering insights and support.
  • Demonstrate your value to the team through your contributions.
  1. Learn from Feedback:
  • Be open to feedback and use it as a tool for personal and professional growth.
  • Continuously improve your skills and performance based on feedback received.
  1. Expand Your Network:
  • Attend company events and networking opportunities to expand your connections.
  • Gain valuable insights and support through building a diverse network.
  1. Identify Improvement Areas:
  • Identify areas for improvement in processes or team collaborations.
  • Propose solutions and implement changes to enhance efficiency.
  1. Set Your KPIs:
  • Collaborate with your manager to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound KPIs for your role.
  • Reporting on these metrics will help track your performance and contributions.
  1. Develop a Team Charter:
  • If you have a managerial role, work with your team to create a team charter that outlines purpose, goals, and expected behaviours.
  • Incorporate strong leadership behaviours like open communication, trust, accountability, and respect.


Final 30 Days:

  1. Review Progress:
  • Review your progress in achieving the goals and KPIs set for your first 60 days.
  • Celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.
  1. Enhance Your Personal Brand:
  • Share your 90-day plan and progress with key stakeholders.
  • Update LinkedIn to showcase your commitment to success and accountability for your goals.
  1. Monthly Progress Reports:
  • Create a visual summary using a traffic light system (green for achieved, yellow for in progress, red for not achieved) to depict your progress compared to the 90-day plan.
  • Present this summary in monthly progress reports to key stakeholders.
  1. Ask for Feedback:
  • Regularly seek feedback from your team, colleagues, and superiors.
  • Demonstrate that you value their input and actively seek growth opportunities.
  1. Build Trust Within Your Team:
  • Actively work on building trust within your team.
  • Be transparent, reliable, approachable, and respectful.
  • Collaborate and support each other.
  1. Encourage Open Communication:
  • Foster an environment of open communication where team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and feedback.
  • Listen actively and acknowledge contributions.
  1. Be a Team Player:
  • Offer help and support to colleagues when needed, regardless of your role.
  • Show that you are invested in the team’s success.


By delivering your 90-day plan and executing these SMART actions, you’ll build confidence, contribute positively to the team and company, and set a strong foundation for your future success in the new role. Best of luck with your new job, and if you need assistance developing or planning your 90-day plan, feel free to contact the coaching experts at Stoke Consulting.


Chris Read
Stoke Consulting