The Anfractuous Path of Self-Development

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Self-development isn’t a straightforward journey. Instead, it’s an anfractuous path, full of twists, turns, unexpected detours, occasional setbacks, and surprising opportunities.

The Growth Hack No One Talks About

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Why do so many mid-sized businesses struggle to achieve sustained growth? Often, a year or so of high growth is followed by stagnation. More pointedly, why do we see so many under new management businesses experience renewed growth?

It’s not you, it’s me

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Both leadership and followership matter. And that in combination is unbeatable. Followership also matters because even the most senior leader is also a follower. They report to someone.

The Power of Ownership

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Ownership is a complex yet vital trait for both personal and professional advancement. It promotes continuous learning, proactive problem-solving, and the bravery to enact change.

Mastering the Rule of Three in Leadership Communication

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Effectively dealing with underperformance within a team is a crucial aspect of leadership. During the coaching of business leaders, a common challenge that is raised to Stoke Consulting is the difficulty faced in managing a poor performer.