The Anfractuous Path of Self-Development

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Self-development isn’t a straightforward journey. Instead, it’s an anfractuous path, full of twists, turns, unexpected detours, occasional setbacks, and surprising opportunities.


The term “anfractuous” may not be commonly used today, but it perfectly captures the winding and often convoluted nature of personal growth. As we acquire new skills, adopt new behaviours, and develop new competencies, we experience days of progress, moments of setbacks, and times when our ultimate goals seem elusive.


Acknowledging this reality is crucial for maintaining resilience and motivation. Every twist in the path presents a learning opportunity. Mistakes and failures are not the end of the road but lessons that propel us forward. Reflecting on these experiences fosters growth and self-improvement.


I’ve observed clients and colleagues successfully navigate this anfractuous path by adhering to three key principles:


Clarify the Importance of Your Goals:

Understand why your development goals are meaningful to you and those around you, both now and in the future. This clarity provides purpose and motivation, helping you stay committed during challenging times.


Set Milestones, Not Deadlines:

In a winding journey, rigid deadlines can lead to frustration. Instead, focus on achieving small milestones that mark your progress. Celebrate each of these accomplishments, no matter how minor they may seem, to maintain your motivation and momentum.


Execute with Discipline and Support:

Approach your goals with rigor and dedication. Having a “travel buddy” to share the journey with can provide invaluable support and encouragement, making the ups and downs more manageable.


The anfractuous nature of self-development is precisely what makes it so rewarding. Each twist and turn offers new insights, opportunities for growth, and a deeper understanding of yourself.


If you’re looking to embark on your own journey of self-development, consider reaching out to us. We’d love to be your companions on this winding, but immensely fulfilling, path.


Kevin Wallace
Stoke Consulting

Kevin guides business leaders through their toughest challenges to achieve their goals.  With a deep understanding of organisational issues and a broad business knowledge base, Kevin is a valuable external asset to any team. His talent for deep listening helps him uncover root causes and develop tailored solutions. Kevin thrives on complexity and brings proven concepts, applied experience, and personalisation to every project.