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Advisor for a Change Management Initiative

Stoke Consulting - Management Consultants | Advisor for a Change Management Initiative

For a mid-sized construction products distributor, we were engaged in providing independent and pragmatic governance of the delivery of change initiatives. We ensured our client’s wants and needs were met with improved outcomes in the future.


The leadership team had a clear strategy and vision to enhance business outcomes and increase enterprise value. However, they were struggling with the sustained execution of the necessary change initiatives. They lacked clarity on where to start and the appropriate sequence of steps to take. Additionally, they lacked the necessary expertise in change management techniques that would deliver the best results. 

We provided a client-specific combination of converting business strategy into change initiatives, facilitating and leading execution and executive coaching.


Confirming actionable elements of the business strategy and their possible time horizonsDefinition of immediate and critical actions Analysis of current business outcomes and setting of performance targets linked to the critical actionsIdentification of emerging opportunitiesEvaluation of the effectiveness of functional activities and how they are measuredImplementation of process improvementsCompliance with quality and safety requirementsVendor selection and contractsMentoring the business leader and selected members of the management teamOngoing “show me” and/or “do it with me” support with the execution of specific longer-term initiatives


We helped build the management team’s capability to lead business change, manage permanent behavioural change and introduce new processes and systems successfully. Our approach also enhanced the client’s rigour and discipline in business systems, allowing the management team to be more effective in “working on the business” rather than just “in the business.” As a result, the change initiatives were realised to their fullest potential.