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Warehouse Relocation Project Management

Stoke Consulting - Warehouse Relocation Project Management | Management Consultants

Our team was approached by a global leader in supply chain management to oversee the rapid migration of two warehouses to a new facility, while simultaneously closing down two older facilities at the end of their leases. The project required careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to operations. 


Our client faced several challenges in relocating to a new facility, including the end-of-lease commitments and fixed closure dates of older facilities. Furthermore, the migration process was complicated by the large volume of goods—approximately 16,000 pallets—that had to be meticulously tracked and accounted for. Also, engaging numerous external suppliers, such as transport, material handling equipment (MHE), and labour-hire companies, added to the complexity of the relocation process. 


Conducted intense and detailed planning for two months prior to going liveEnsured comprehensive engagement of all stakeholders: management, employees, IT, solutions, labour and MHE hire, transport providersManaged and tested trial runs of the best and most efficient processesExecuted detailed budget planning leading to full prior approval from the end user customer for the budgetRisk planning and mitigationProvided weekly reporting to a senior management steering committee during the planning processContributed to daily progress meetings and reporting during the go live stage


We successfully migrated over 6,000 pallets and more than 400 B-double truckloads into the new facility, despite the challenges posed by the end-of-lease commitments of the older facilities and the high volume of goods to be moved. We ensured everything was tracked and accounted for during the move and worked with transport, MHE, and labour-hire companies. As a bonus, we were able to complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget.