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Project Management of a School Building Program

Stoke Consulting - Project Management of a School Building Program | Management Consultants

To ensure the successful execution of a Private School’s strategic plan, we undertook the responsibility of representing the school throughout the design and building phases, facilitating decision-making on key issues, and supporting discussions with funding providers and the Board. We also needed to handle all non-construction related activities, including alternative accommodation, relocation, and IT, that would be affected by the construction.


We faced several challenges in transforming the school while minimising disruption. The parents were concerned that the school was a construction site. On the one hand, we had to manage conflicting needs and priorities among different stakeholders. On the other hand, maintaining an industry-recognised brand and its reputation were at stake. Overall, we had to find a way to minimise disruption to daily school activities without compromising the construction project timeline.


Established frequent, brief and clear communication with all stakeholdersRigidity in the creation of short-term action plans and subsequent adherence to themAchieved the establishment of review and decision making processesRemoved confusion and provided clarity on cost, time, safety and qualityEnsured all loose ends were tied up


Over two years, we successfully transformed the campus, with a harmonious construction period with well-communicated impacts and free of any incidents. We maintained ‘business as usual’, keeping stakeholders informed with relevant and timely information, resulting in a growing market reputation for a modern and caring learning environment. The client was delighted with the results.