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Development of a New Electronic and Software Product

Stoke Consulting - Development of a New Electronic and Software Product | Management Consultants

We were responsible for project managing the development and launch of an innovative new product for an Australian geotechnical supplier. Our scope of work involved research, design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and commercialisation of the product.


We encountered several challenges, including unreliable and expensive suppliers, a product that was unproven and had significant issues, and the fact that the new product and service were completely different from existing core products. The company had developed a prototype for an innovative new product with global potential.


Investigated potential new suppliers, made recommendations for PCB boards and software suppliersDeveloped and managed the complete project planDeveloped value propositions for each customer typeFinancially evaluated product and service offers and pricing were setDeveloped detailed business case, including identifying channels to marketIdentified and managed project risksWorked closely with a third-party branding expertMade introductions to potential clientsCarefully monitored cashflow


We successfully launched a new product, exceeding sales and profit targets within 6 months of its release. Our clients were confident in investing more than initially planned for the product launch. We upgraded all manufacturing partners to suppliers with greater capability, discovered previously unknown potential markets, set pricing based on customer value, leading to higher profitability, implemented a professional branding strategy positioning the product superiorly to competitors, and captured an extensive sales pipeline in a new CRM.