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An Australian heavy industry manufacturer engaged us to help create enhanced leadership capability among its senior management team. After in-depth interviews with each coachee, their team and their manager, we created a personalised development plan for each senior manager. From there we facilitated the creation of a Behavioural Team Charter to create engagement and buy-in from the coachees.


Additionally, the business was facing some core challenges. Low employee engagement and high turnover, a high number of customer quality failures and major customers under serious threat as a result, the complexity of the pandemic was a problem the business certainly did not need on top of everything else.


Built high performing management teams comprising aligned leadersTarget development of high value leadership competencies including conflict resolution, performance management, team building, making business decisions and general business acumenHelp coaches to truly claim “senior leadership role”Plan and implement Site Communication Plan, including to frontline workersBuild annual plan with SMART objectives to achieve improved operational excellence, efficiency, safe outcomes and reduced costsSet up governance processes to ensure plans continue to be delivered


The performance of the coachees created notable change with positive flow on effects throughout the organisation. Leaders noticed that coachees were more confident, planned and deliberate in their actions. Coachees stated they were more calm, less stressed and more purposeful. One was successful enough to be promoted (after 7 years in their role). These changes improved the senior management team’s ability to adapt to a dynamic external environment, improved communication between stakeholders, and resulted in significant progress towards ambitious action plans.