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Getting a Digital Transformation Project Back on Track

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Our client was one of Australia’s largest defence partners providing a wide range of high technology products and services. They had multiple core systems that were outdated and were a genuine constraint to business growth.


A digital transformation program had been established to upgrade core systems. However, the program was off track and stuck. There was significant overspending, a scope that wasn’t locked in, no clear delivery schedule, no business engagement, and a disengaged project team.

A business case existed with defined benefits but no plan to realise them. There was a perception that technology was going to solve the problems without addressing people and processes.

To solve this, we helped the client get back to basics.


Defined the business problems we were trying to solveClarified scope and prepared a defined project scheduleEnsured the solution was designed to support people to execute processes to achieve objectivesProject management rigour applied, secured budget & resourcesBenefits realisation plan developedDefined objectives and measurable targets


We succeeded in helping the business to transform. New systems were deployed, more efficient business processes were developed, roles and responsibilities were clearly defined, and organisational accountabilities were established. We were able to demonstrate clear improvements in KPIs in line with the expected benefits in Business Case.