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Transforming Manufacturing Operations to Achieve Excellence

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Our client had recently secured a contract to design and build a cutting-edge product to Defence. However, they faced a significant challenge—their existing systems were outdated and ill-equipped to support the production requirements of the contract. They needed help to establish a solution to fulfil the requirements of the Defence contract, navigating the complex moving parts along the way.


Our client faced a pressing challenge due to their outdated systems, limited budget for a high-end Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and a lack of internal capability to design and implement a suitable solution. The situation was further complicated by the ongoing construction of a brand-new production line, resulting in evolving requirements that needed to be addressed along the way.

We stepped in to tackle these obstacles head-on and deliver a tailored MES solution aligned with the evolving needs of the production line, all within the client’s budgetary constraints.


Clearly articulated the business problem aligned with the contract deliverablesConducted a comprehensive review of technical options availableWorked with existing systems to extend capability to shop floor to provide required functionality without the need for complex and expensive solutionsAdopted iterative feedback techniques as the solution evolvedIntegrated analytics and factory visualisations into the solutionAdapted with evolving requirements as the solution was being developed


Through our expertise and meticulous approach, we successfully designed and implemented a tailored solution that effectively addressed the specific challenges faced by our client.

Not only did we deliver ahead of schedule and under budget, but we also ensured that the solution evolved in sync with the construction of the production line, accommodating the evolving needs seamlessly.

The exceptional results achieved by our solution were recognised through prestigious technical excellence awards and garnered global recognition, positioning our client as a leader in their industry.