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Role Transition Coaching

Stoke Consulting Role Transition Coaching | Executive Coaching | Management Consultants

A high-performing employee had been appointed to a new role with increased and broader responsibilities. At the same time, a new business strategy was being deployed, so while settling into the new role, the scope and expectations of the role were also in flux. Our scope was to ensure the employee was able to rapidly achieve productivity in alignment with the business objectives, while engaging them in the process. 


The employee was shifting into a different business unit which was new to them, with a higher degree of responsibility. We needed to navigate the reporting team’s uncertainty about how their work would be impacted in the face of the new business strategy. With clear behaviours and competencies outlined by the business leader, it was up to us to ensure an effective transition.


Facilitated the appointee’s full awareness and appreciation of the unique business contribution of their new role, including responsibilities, goals and metricsFacilitated appointee strengths and gap assessmentDeveloped a plan for self-development (competencies, behaviours and management rhythm)Customised and facilitated an ongoing development plan


With clear KPIs and a plan, the new appointee was able to hit the ground running in their new role. The business strategy was effectively executed and everyone had clarity around what was expected and their relationship with the new role. This enabled the appointee to quickly align their team and get to work on achieving the business goals. The appointee received exceptional feedback at their internal performance review as a result.