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Coaching for Entrepreneur

Stoke Consulting - Coaching for Entrepreneur

Stoke was engaged to mentor a founder of a newly formed industrial product supplier startup. This included mentoring of the entrepreneur from a leadership perspective, facilitating decisions on where and how the company would compete and supporting discussions with funding providers. The objective was to achieve sustained growth as a new player in the industry.


Faced with a number of choices, one key challenge was determining where best to focus resources and effort. Prioritisation of a long list of daily work activities to create structure and focus was therefore imperative. As a startup, establishing awareness and reputation within the industry was another key challenge to plan for, as was maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. Together we needed to develop a plan for managing capacity with variable demand with the resources available as a fledgling business. 


Frequent short mentoring sessions over an extended period Rigour in both setting of, and then adherence to, short-term action plans Establishment of cash management and forecast processes Development of leadership competencies including financial and general business acumen


Target market segments were identified with business resources appropriately focussed. Initial volume growth ambitions were realised and the startup quickly developed a reputation in the industry as an agile and efficient service provider. Key suppliers were fully supportive of initiatives, making for a smooth and mutually beneficial relationship.