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Business Strategy & Sales Process

Stoke Consulting - Business Strategy & Sales Process

For an Australian surveying and monitoring service provider, Stoke was engaged to build and execute a strategy to best capitalise on a dynamic market and help develop a defined sales process to provide new paths to growth for a traditionally referral-based business. Our scope included the development of an actionable strategy and business plan across critical areas of the business. Through leadership coaching, we demonstrated which value-adding areas would be valuable for directors to focus on. We reviewed their existing strategic plans and financials, developed an implementation plan and tools to track progress. 


The business faced a core business which was being disrupted and commoditised. Without a formal sales process they were struggling to win new clients. Incumbent clients were experiencing a market downturn period. Low availability of skilled labour meant they were retaining underperforming staff.

Despite success in inventing new services and products, they struggled to successfully commercialise over the long term. All of this, and a business plan that was more than 5 years’ old, it was clear they needed some strategic structure to be able to weather a challenging period.


Developed a comprehensive business strategyLaunched new company vision, mission & values to all staffDeveloped & launched behavioural team charterPerformed market trend analysis, scenario planned profitable growth options & potential channels to marketCompleted & maintained one page business planDeveloped & launched simple sales process, tools & performance managementCreated an actionable sales & marketing planProvided leadership coaching especially regarding people managementIdentified & mitigated business risksProvided expert assistance in implementing the action plans


With a clear business plan developed, the Director was able to increase focus on high potential growth areas, optimising their time and efforts accordingly. Staff engagement and retention increased with two under-performing managers being successfully & respectfully managed out of business.

An overall mindset shift occurred around their business and its potential for the future. Their innovative product and service went from being a local “city-based” opportunity, to transformational and global in potential. Structure and focus meant that the innovation was successfully developed. Leveraging our network, we were able to introduce them to new manufacturers, suppliers and potential new clients.