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Board Business Strategy Development

Stoke Consulting - Board Business Strategy Development | Management Consultants

Stoke was engaged to facilitate a sustainable strategic plan and practice for a not-for-profit aimed at helping refugee youth through sport. It was clear they needed structure and focus in order to sustain their growth within the limits of their resources. We needed to help them achieve this in a time and cost efficient manner and leave them with a best practice method of delivering this independently into the future.


With COVID-19 presenting increased risks to the organisation and a significant amount of their funding non-recurrent, the growth of the organisation was directly related to the number of volunteers they could engage and donations received. As is typical for many not-for-profits, they are run by volunteers with limited time availability. Despite strong growth in the previous 3 years, plans had been implemented poorly. 


Review existing plansFacilitate 4 hour workshop with Board MembersUtilise One Page Business Plan Tool


In this short space of time, the organisation’s vision and mission were refined to provide direction for the strategy that followed. Together we defined their overall organisational objectives and strategies. From there SMART action plans were developed and allocated to key personnel. The diverse board became aligned around a single direction, in order to move together with impetus. The board’s commitment to their highest priorities was reaffirmed. The board was left empowered with a tool to update their progress towards their objectives each month.