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From Struggle to Success: How Stoke Consulting Helped to Triple Revenue for our Client

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Stoke Consulting were engaged by an engineering client in the Oil and Gas industry to build and execute a business strategy to capitalise on a dynamic market and step-up sales performance. The scope of our project involved developing a business strategy and a prioritised business action plan, as well as implementing a defined professional sales process and providing leadership coaching.


When we first started working with our client, we were facing several challenges that required a comprehensive approach to rebuilding the client’s strategy and sales processes including:

  • A new and inexperienced senior management team was at the helm;
  • The team lacked formal sales processes, role responsibilities and there was no performance management process;
  • the organisation had recently experienced a change of ownership to an overseas private equity company and;
  • a recent market share decline due to the loss of key accounts, resulted in the failure to gain small clients.


Developed a comprehensive business strategyLaunched new company vision, mission, and values to all staffConducted and implemented a behavioural team charterCompleted and maintained one page business planExecuted simple sales processes, tools, and performance managementProvided leadership coaching and management best practice skills trainingIdentified and mitigated business risksFacilitated monthly senior management team and sales team meetings


We helped the company create a strong and detailed strategic business plan, which was well received by the international owner. That praise was also reflected in his feedback to the Managing Director by the Board. Over 18 months, market share increased by 12%. Over 3 years, the business tripled in revenue at an increased profitability rate. Governance processes and management rhythms were implemented, while a sales plan was also put in place to win new clients, retain existing ones, and grow margins. To sum up, the company achieved increased accountability through clear staff goals, performance reporting, and regular meetings.


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Chris Read
Stoke Consulting

Leveraging his extensive leadership and entrepreneurial background, Chris consistently leads high-performing teams of leaders to outstanding business achievements. He excels in unravelling the intricacies of challenging business scenarios, crafting strategic plans and business cases while fostering deep trust including during executive coaching. This comprehensive and high integrity approach significantly elevates business performance for his clients, helping them to exceed expectations. Chris’ experience includes successfully leading multiple $1B+pa businesses with full P&L responsibility across nine countries and 800 reports to starting, building and selling his own e-commerce business, all the while building high performing teams of leaders.