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Recruitment of a Senior Manager

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We were engaged by a manufacturer of innovative mining products to recruit and induct a new sales manager, as well as facilitate the transition from the existing manager. The goal was to ensure a smooth and successful transition for the new sales manager into the organisation.


The main challenge we faced was the underperformance of the long-term sales manager, coupled with a culture of avoiding addressing underperformance within the organisation. In addition, the dynamic market was causing deficiencies in the “old way of working.” These factors made it clear that a change was needed in the sales leadership, and a successful transition to a new sales manager was crucial.


Professional interviewing of “short-listed” candidates was conducted Development of selection criteria was madeImplemented performance management plan for the successful candidateChange management plan for the existing sales manager was executedThe “100 Day Plan” was developedImplemented business risks mitigation planCoaching for the new sales manager for the following six months was provided


The new sales manager was successfully integrated into the business, resulting in a significant improvement in sales performance (from 10% below to 15% over plan within 6 months).

We also successfully launched a new innovative product into new markets, and implemented new sales processes and governance meetings for the sales team. Additionally, changes we made to organisational symbol helped to modernise the culture and improved employee engagement.