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Attraction and Selection of Sales Personnel

Stoke Consulting - Attraction and Selection of Sales Personnel | Management Consultants

We were engaged by a national industrial products distributor to attract and select new sales personnel. With the business experiencing sustained growth and forecasted to continue, the need for additional sales resources, both in-the-field business development managers and in-the-field customer service managers, arose. To maintain their strong customer focus culture, recruitment was based more on attitude and competency than industry experience. Overall, we were tasked with facilitating both attraction and selection.


We faced challenges in attracting suitable candidates due to a tight labour market, low brand recognition outside the immediate industry, and a lack of appropriate customer-centric attitude and competencies demonstrated by the applicants received through traditional methods.


Developed role position descriptions, goals & ideal candidate profileBriefed and short-listed recruitment agencies, selected and engaged successful agencyDeveloped selection strategies, interview guides for short-listed candidatesDeveloped role plays and referee interview guidesFacilitated all candidate interactions


We successfully facilitated the recruitment process. Basing selection on attitude and competency, rather than industry experience, we identified exceptional business development managers and customer service managers to support sustained business growth. All appointed personnel completed their probation period and received “glowing” performance reviews at 6- and 12-month intervals, demonstrating the effectiveness of our recruitment methodology.