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Steering the Helm: Navigating Leadership Transition at a Leading Service Provider to the Government

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A prominent Service Provider to the Government faced an unforeseen leadership vacuum when the CEO resigned abruptly.


One of the executives who had been with the company through several promotions over four years and had previously benefited from executive coaching by Stoke Consulting, was thrust into the CEO role. This transition came at a critical time with the Board requesting operational excellence, strategic continuity and management of key stakeholder expectations. Recognising the magnitude of the task at hand, the new CEO reached out to Stoke Consulting to resume executive coaching to support the navigation through this pivotal period.


Stoke Consulting devised a tailored coaching program for the CEO which was focused on leveraging the executive’s strengths and addressing the unique challenges of leading the company during the transition. The solution involved regular, meetings that facilitated deep discussions on various strategies to define and achieve success in the role. A significant emphasis was placed on building and nurturing successful networks with key stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, to ensure alignment and support for strategic initiatives. The coaching sessions also aimed to provide clarity and motivation to all employees, reinforcing the company's direction and stability during the transition. Together, the coach and the Acting CEO developed actionable plans and explored different approaches to leadership and decision-making, ensuring adaptability and resilience.


With the support of Stoke Consulting, the CEO successfully steered the company through the transition, meeting all key targets and maintaining operational and strategic momentum over the first nine months. The comprehensive coaching approach not only facilitated a smooth leadership transition but also strengthened the CEO’s networks with internal and external stakeholders. The engagement with Stoke Consulting enhanced the CEO’s leadership capabilities and outlined a clear performance plan for continued success.


Leadership transitions can be a make-or-break moment for organisations, especially in industries where stability and strategic continuity are paramount. Stoke Consulting specialises in guiding leaders through such transitions, ensuring they are equipped to face challenges head-on and lead their organisations to success. If you are approaching a leadership transition or looking to bolster your leadership team’s capabilities, contact us to learn how our executive coaching services can support your strategic objectives and leadership development needs.


Chris Read
Stoke Consulting

Leveraging his extensive leadership and entrepreneurial background, Chris consistently leads high-performing teams of leaders to outstanding business achievements. He excels in unravelling the intricacies of challenging business scenarios, crafting strategic plans and fostering deep trust including during executive coaching. This comprehensive and high integrity approach significantly elevates business performance for his clients, helping them to exceed expectations.