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Turning the Tide

Stoke Consulting - Executive Coaching | Leadership Development

The leadership team of a business was concerned about a manager’s ability to lead effectively and contribute to the company’s mission.


In a rapidly growing renewable energy company, an experienced manager was facing significant challenges. Despite their technical expertise and dedication, the manager was on a performance improvement plan due to underperforming metrics and several repeated examples of non-constructive leadership behaviours. These issues were not only affecting their team’s morale and productivity but also jeopardising the manager’s career within the company. The leadership team was concerned about the manager’s ability to lead effectively and contribute to the company’s mission of building and operating renewable energy solutions.


Recognising the potential in the manager and the critical need for effective leadership in driving the company's goals, the decision was made to engage Stoke Consulting in executive coaching. The coaching program was designed to address the manager's specific challenges through regular one-on-one sessions, including utilising the Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI) tool. This approach aimed to offer a comprehensive assessment of the manager's thinking and behavioural patterns, providing a foundation for personal and professional growth. The coaching sessions were structured to be both challenging and supportive, incorporating affirmation to build the manager's confidence and encourage self-reflection.


The coaching intervention marked a turning point for the manager. For the first time, they gained deep insights into their behaviours and how these were impacting their team and personal effectiveness. Through the supportive yet challenging discussions, the manager developed new strategies for leadership and communication, leading to a significant improvement in their performance and team dynamics.

After four months of dedicated effort and personal growth, the manager met the objectives of the performance improvement plan and then went on to exceed expectations, resulting in a well-deserved promotion after twelve months. Additionally, the manager was added to the company’s succession plans, highlighting their newfound status as a key contributor to the company’s future leadership.


Chris Read
Stoke Consulting

Leveraging his extensive leadership and entrepreneurial background, Chris consistently leads high-performing teams of leaders to outstanding business achievements. He excels in unravelling the intricacies of challenging business scenarios, crafting strategic plans and fostering deep trust including during executive coaching. This comprehensive and high integrity approach significantly elevates business performance for his clients, helping them to exceed expectations.