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The Meaning of Rebranding

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While the trading name and logo of a client had seen good service over more than a decade, it was time to make a change to something more meaningful, current and fresh.  The work to get there provided a fantastic opportunity that was much more than just a new logo, colours and website.


Their business plan focussed on two main needs – customer attractiveness in terms of growth and to position better as an employer of choice.

They have always struggled with defining its value proposition and in particular its identity in the marketplace. In fact there was a large gap between the ‘business leaders’ understanding of a re-brand and professional approach to rebranding.


The scope encompassed name change, new domains, complete revision of website and social media plus e-printed documentation and communication of the new brand. So we engaged a brand specialist on behalf of the business.The initial work was to define jointly with the leadership team the needs and characteristics of the chosen marketplace, interrogating the leaders’ individual marketing styles, and matched all that with the techniques the business used for demand generation.It was key to re-define the vision and values of the business and the archetypes of each of the leaders. This created the foundation for the style, language and approach to all branded collateral that was to be developed.Decision making on a new name and logo, styles and appearance centred around a facilitated and collaborative leadership approach. The brand consultant addressed the feel and style of the business as seen by potential employees across the target landscape of workforce characteristics.Digitisation provided the foundation for market-facing collateral and communication modes – addressing customer contact styles through to proposals and in-process documentation.


Stoke Consulting ensured that the change plan to the new style was created with a number of factors in mind.

A project plan was developed to address affected stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and staff, and the rollout announcements were again supported by the brand professional to ensure messaging was focussed, measured and effective.

The program took about 12 months from proposal to announcement and we were keen to ensure the client did not drown in actions.  To achieve this we ensured that the change was paced to ensure quality completion and avoided the risk of embarrassing errors.

Budget in both cost, time and management of internal disruption were addressed and tightly curated. The success of the program was monitored effectively using factual metrics combing with proper customer check-ins.


Ken Davis
Stoke Consulting

Ken’s senior line and consulting exposure has spanned many decades in metals and automotive manufacturing and distribution, oil & gas and IT services in national and international roles. Ken has delivered direct accountability for effective change strategies, program execution and continuous improvement and innovation in Australia and internationally.