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Agility in Execution

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Even the best of strategies and the very best implementation plans can’t guarantee smooth sailing in execution. Things go wrong, often those that were completely unexpected and normally at the worst possible time.


A long-term Stoke Consulting client in the distribution sector had finalised its new channel-to-market strategy based on sound customer insight and financial assessment.

A detailed risk and opportunity analysis was completed, and this led to a thorough implementation plan.

However, a couple of months into implementation the business encountered issues.  Customer service had deteriorated, progress was behind schedule, and a few key personnel had left the business.  Some important customer relationships were being strained and there was the potential for a cost blowout.

Good governance of an implementation of a new strategy is a common challenge.


Stoke Consulting brought the independence, experience and objectivity needed to bring effective governance to the plan. First, we worked with the client on the immediate customer service issues, identifying both corrective and preventive actions. Then we helped the business leaders refocus on the strategy objectives while building a process that allowed for the agility that was needed in how those objectives would be met.We facilitated work that defined individual’s roles based on outcomes rather than checklists of activities, ensured alignment across functions through a robust monitoring process and made clear the decision-making rights and processes.


The new channel-to-market strategy was implemented on time and well, very close to budget.

The skills in dealing with the unforeseen were retained by the business and become part of their operating strengths.


Kevin Wallace
Stoke Consulting

Kevin guides business leaders through their toughest challenges to achieve their goals.  With a deep understanding of organisational issues and a broad business knowledge base, Kevin is a valuable external asset to any team. His talent for deep listening helps him uncover root causes and develop tailored solutions. Kevin thrives on complexity and brings proven concepts, applied experience, and personalisation to every project.