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Linear Infrastructure

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We were engaged by an Infrastructure provider on a linear project to formulate and implement a strategy to lock in slipping time and cost deliverables. The project was stalling in the design and consultation phase.


Linear Infrastructure projects due to their geographical and transformational change nature are generally designated state significant / major project / priority planning status with approvals managed at State government level but often with environmental approvals from the Commonwealth Government.

Stakeholders involved are extensive, varied and often emotive. Local Councils have vested interests in their patch. Community, Cultural / Indigenous and business associations will have their positions along with sitting political representatives.

Budgets and timelines are often based on business case assumptions that are increasingly being challenged during the design and approvals phase.  This leads to delivery uncertainty, cost over runs, landowner fatigue and community angst.


The complex nature of major projects demands active sponsor resolute commitment. Projects by their definition have a Start and End date, likely some pain along the way and realised benefits at completion. On linear projects the route selection process must be robust with transparency capable of interrogation regarding benefits and costs.After developing a stakeholder matrix including dependencies, inter relations and other human factors a strategy of engagement and “buy in” was shopped for endorsement and project sponsor commitment. The key risks were identified and appropriate controls implemented.


  • Clear project focused goals were cascaded from the sponsor throughout the project team .
  • Regular risk assessment, control and task orientation.
  • Project change control governance was implemented including value management referenced directly to benefits realisation.
  • Budget drawdowns were actioned earlier and faster to match buy in and demonstrated a never late finance culture.
  • Landowner empathetic policy was deployed throughout the project team.
  • Solutions focused design to complement landowner business operations was also deploying value management.
  • Organisational belief / delivery culture was reinforced


James White
Stoke Consulting

James’s background in property development across both government and private sectors underscores his project management experience in identifying opportunities for financial gain and risk mitigation. Proficient in strategic planning, feasibility, deal structuring and brokerage, stakeholder management and creating value, he owns outcomes to successfully deliver results.