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Executive Leadership Development

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Our client was a professional service provider, specialising in the provision of engineering and management services, especially to the defence industry. We were tasked with customising a leadership development plan.



One of the main challenges we faced was developing a leadership development program that could effectively address the specific needs and gaps of the executives, who were technically and academically strong, but lacked leadership skills.

We had to make sure the programme matched the leaders’ goals of rapid corporate growth over the following five years. Also, it was crucial to demonstrate the value and ROI of the program to the organisation and gain buy-in from all stakeholders.


Implemented Individual Leadership Self-Awareness measurement and feedback (using human synergistic tools)Facilitated Team Awareness and Team Charter workshopsDeveloped a personal leadership development plan for each executiveProvided ongoing one-on-one leadership coachingArranged deep-dive workshops targeting accelerated competence building in high priority gaps


The executives recognised the importance of their leadership roles and committed to improving. We helped them address high-priority organisational gaps, including governance, strategy development, building trust, change management, communication, decision-making, clarity of objectives, and behavioural safety. They now have hard conversations, call each other out on poor leadership choices, and conclude meetings with SMART actions. The executives also coach their teams on leadership learning.